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Outfit Guide: Summer Outfits for Mom

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

June 20, 2021

Being a cute mom in the summer is hard. Most cute clothes cover barely anything and then you have to factor in sweat and well… need I say more? As a mom, we also have to make sure our clothes are kid proof or else boom, nip slip. Casual outfits are a mom’s best friend but they don’t have to be boring. Some of my favorite summer clothes are for any body type and a great choice for the busy mom (which is every mom). My kids don’t typically give me the luxury to have complicated, well thought out outfits. I need a great outfit for minimal effort, something I can put together quickly before my kids spray my entire bottle of hairspray all over their toys (speaking from experience).

One of the perfect summer outfits to throw together is a graphic tee and denim shorts or really any bottom of your choice!. A great option of shorts are from Abercrombie and Fitch. They make a perfect length mom short that looks so cute but is long enough to cover your bottom. Abercrombie is also very inclusive in their sizing and that’s important to me when I am shopping around and sharing with all of you! Graphic tees are one of my favorite things; they are honestly a staple and should be in your capsule wardrobe. They are a looser top option which is so comfortable and easy to pair. This may sound like a boring, no brainer outfit but the key is to use fun accessories and shoes to spruce it up. You can find an array of graphic tees basically anywhere. Some great choices come from Abercrombie, Target, Forever 21, and Walmart. Don’t be afraid to get bold with your graphic tees and have a wide variety of different colors in your closet. They are by far the item I wear the most.

None of us are strangers to the swamp that is our whole body when we have to wrangle children on hot summer days. The keyword for the summer is “flow”. We need air flow and we need it fast. Maxi dresses, flowy short dresses, a good midi skirt, wrap dresses is the highlight of your summer wardrobe. I am pretty picky when it comes to dresses that I wear. I’m really into linen dresses, dresses with really pretty backing, and silk-like material. Dresses are easy, typically one piece you throw on, maybe an accessory or two and a pair of cute sandals and you’re on your way. A little tip, sometimes I even throw a knotted graphic tee over the top of my dress and it gives a little personality. It’s absolutely okay to pair dresses and sneakers or a baseball cap to really create a casual fit.

Some of the most popular mom looks are all in thanks to athleisure. I mean come on, workout clothes are so comfortable and moveable, and sweat absorbent… I am here for it. I live in my leggings and tank tops probably 89% of the time so like make them cute, right? My favorite leggings come from Lululemon (the Align), of course. They’re an investment that I know everyone can’t make, but if you can they are another great item to keep in your capsule wardrobe. Start by picking a few colored leggings that are a little more basic like black, dark blue, etc. Those are the leggings you will wear the most. If you’re not in a place to buy Lulu, girl, don’t sweat more there are a million options at different price points that are comfortable and still conceal your buttcrack. Amazon and Fabletics both have great alternatives. Can I say buttcrack in my blog post? The life of the party is going to be your different tank tops and shirts in a ton of colors anyways. The great part of athleisure wear is you can throw on a basic tee, sporty crop top, striped t-shirt and it all looks SO CUTE. I usually get creative with my shoes and jackets when weather permits. A denim jacket is my go-to when I need to make my outfit look less like I am on my way to workout. Plot twist, sometimes I do workout. I go to a barre studio so I am in leggings, sports bras, and barre socks like ALWAYS. During the summer, I wear more active shorts. Again, another thing you can dress up and down- who would have thunk? My favorite active shorts are from Abercrombie, Free People, Target, and believe it or not Walmart!

Now, let’s talk about the best night…. DATE NIGHT! The summer mom outfit is so fun to put together when you get to go out with your hubby or significant other. I am a cute shirt kind of gal. Every once in a while I will wear a good dress, but a fab blouse is an absolute favorite. I’m really into a tie front shirt, shoulder tops, ribbed crewneck tank tops, and body suits. Shoulder tops are a statement all in themselves so you don’t need to do very much to add to your outfit. I usually grab a pair of statement earrings with any one of these options and it really makes the cutest ensemble. Tie front shirts are so versatile and are a little more dressy when you need them to be. Ribbed crewneck tanks are my personal favorite. They are extremely casual until you add some cute jewelry and put on a hot pair of shoes. It’s so simple and chic. They are the best layering piece but are a force all on their own. Spaghetti straps are all the rage on a body suit. I love the look so much. There are so many cute cross backs it's just a fun twist on the spaghetti strap. Don’t be afraid to throw on a pair of skinny jeans (all of gen Z gasps). Skinny jeans are just sleek and still stylish when worn with the best tops. I am a fan of the boyfriend/ mom jean too, they just seem to be harder to find styles that fit all body types well, but they are really cute when they fit well.

We have to cover accessories. The parts of your outfit that really tell the story of your look are the accessories. Accessories that are quick to relax your outfits are denim jackets, baseball caps, sneakers, stud earrings, leather backpacks, sport crossbodies, and flat sandals. Or, if you’re wanting to really spruce things up for brunches, date nights, weddings, dare I say work... you can just take a shower. LOL just kidding (but am I?). My favorite accessories for getting a little fancier are statement earrings, wedged or platform shoes, fedoras, silk scarves (I’m raving over them), dainty but stacked necklaces, stacked bracelets, statement rings, and cross body bags or large statement shoulder bags.

There are so many ways to organize yourself and your wardrobe so that you have the easiest, comfiest, most functional, fashionable outfits. No matter what you’re trying to put together, you should always feel comfortable and like YOURSELF. All of my ideas can be tweaked and adjusted for your comfort and preferences. Being a mom is hard, your outfits shouldn’t make it harder. You have full permission to both be a kick ass mom and find joy in what you put on your body. Putting together outfits should be FUN even for warm weather. You are fearfully and wonderfully made just as you are. Your body is valuable and good- treat it that way.

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