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Outfit Guide: How To Style A Silk Scarf

Silk scarves are nothing new. Gen Z, Millennials have not created a new trend; they just made it cool again. Square scarves in fashion have been around since even before Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. They're honestly one of the most chic fashion items. They're timeless and so sophisticated. Their versatility alone is the selling point for me. The amount of ways you can use and style a scarf are endless (okay, maybe there is an end but for dramatic effect...). If you are looking for a pop of color or you're more comfortable with a more neutral color, there is a scarf for you.

One of the easiest ways to style a silk scarf if it's your first time is to wear it as a hair accessory. A low bun is the first hairstyle I love to throw a scarf on. The messy, loose bun gives some boho vibes but no one has to know that you didn't have time to actually do your hair. The square scarf is an easy way to transform any hair style into something intentional and stylish. I'm totally into it for all hair lengths. Throw it in a braid, let it hang around your pony tail down the back of your neck, tie it around a half pony, use it as a head wrap (especially on those bad hair days), or tie a large bow. The different ways to add a scarf to your hair makes it so you don't even have to buy too many scarves; you can style one all the ways and they all give something different to your outfit.

I love the classic neck scarf. I mean come on... CLASSY, BOUGIE without the ratchet. The bold patterns like polka dots and really trendy prints like those from luxury designer options really make a simple outfit a little more dimensional. Give me all the colorful silk scarves, please. White outfit? Throw on a lightweight scarf with trendy prints around your neck and BAM you might as well be at a yacht club in the Hamptons. My favorite part about this look is it's the right fit for all ages.

If you're not into a scarf being around your neck during the summer season in the warm weather, don't worry there are other styling options. You can actually turn your summer scarves into a tank top, tube top or bandeau. Don't worry, I was skeptical about this at first too but when done correctly this is a super sleek, cool, comfortable top for all occasions.

Do you have belt loops on your jeans or shorts? Great. It's the perfect place to string a scarf for a little pizazz. The scarf belt can look dated and corny if not done well. Pair the scarf belt with a crop top or a tight spaghetti strap, it also looks really cute with a good jean skirt and well paired shirt and a good front tuck.

The best outfits are the ones that look like you put in a ton of effort but didn't. Simply tie your scarf around the strap of your favorite handbag. The most simple of bags can take a creative turn when you add different scarves to match each outfit. You can also easily tie a smaller scarf around your wrist to look like a chunky bracelet. I'm into it. You need one scarf to make it look like you're wearing a stack of chunky bangles. These little details really are a great way to make your outfits look well thought out.

Silk scarves really are the most versatile accessory and one of the first things you should add to you wardrobe today. Some of the best silk scarves can be really affordable and should be your go-to fashion accessory even when you're on a budget. 90 cm x 90 cm is the best size to purchase and there are an unlimited amount of perfect prints on the market. Get bold and go get you one!

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