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Hello beloved friends!

I'm Sydney. Wife to Jake. Mom to Emma and Amelia. I started my blogging journey a year ago trying to figure out what my "thing" was. It's so easy to get deep into parenthood (which is the best hood to be deep in) and realize there might be other things God is calling me to. While my first ministry is my family, loving my husband well and raising loving image bearers, I just felt a tug to share my life. 

I'm best at doing life with people. I like the real and the nitty gritty. I have not always been on the straight and narrow so I know that life can be so so messy and people are broken. I have a strength in loving people where they're at.  My purpose is to remind people of their value and to remind them to whom they belong. 


I don't want women coming to my blog who just think the same as me. I want to love women of all walks of life and so I started a fashion blog. I wanted to figure out how to marry my love for fashion and my love for people and here we are. We all wear clothes so if we can't agree on anything else, at least we have that. Here you will find all things fashion with a sprinkle of my home design and personal life. 

If anything else, I hope you leave my blog feeling inspired. You should know you are valuable and loved in case no one told you today. Sweet friend, thank you for being here. 

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